It’s been a long time since I have posted on here. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a voice to use for anything. But after today, it’s come roaring back and ready to go. Will you join me on a trip through the madhouse of social media?

I’m sure most of you have heard about the trending hashtag on Twitter: #ShoutYourAbortion. If not, bless you. If you have, boy, was that awkward or what? The hashtag seeks to help alleviate any stigma one might have about abortion. But if you ask me, which most pro-choice and/or liberals wouldn’t because I’m a man, it’s done anything but that. If anything, it’s only highlighted the selfishness of humanity and how low of a view we, as a society, have of children, unborn or not. I mean, when even other pro-choice advocates see the hashtag and grimace, that’s saying something.

Folks, let me be clear: abortion is murder. There simply is no justifying it. Before anyone starts jumping on me about hypothetical scenarios, please send those to my email or Twitter as those require a different discussion entirely. Let’s pick a part a few arguments I’ve had thrown in my face, shall we?

“It’s just a clump of cells.”

Sure. Technically, we all are a clump of cells. However, this degrades humanity down to a level that is devoid of any kind of morality that leaves one wondering what is even right and wrong. Yet, we all know that killing someone is morally wrong so why is it different when an unborn child/fetus/embryo is involved? How is it that abortion is okay and, yet, when someone harms a pregnant woman, killing her and her unborn child, the murderer is convicted of double-homicide? Our society ascribes value to an unborn child in various areas of life but abortion is okay? Let’s say we went to Mars, because come on, space travel. But let’s say we went to Mars, found a clump of cells, what do you think we would do back on Earth? We would claim we found new life, right? Why not the “clump of cells” in the womb then? You see, my Biblical worldview allows me to think consistently on this but where does your worldview stand?

“It’s my body, my choice.”

Sure, you have a right to do what you will with your body. But let’s break this down. First, the unborn child in the womb is, technically, in your body but is not your body; it’s vastly different than an appendage. It is a growing, developing human inside of you. Second, as this has almost always come up when I say the first part, I know I am a man. I get it, my opinion doesn’t mean a whole lot in this argument. However, this logic would then desecrate the judges who were involved in the case of Roe v. Wade. If that’s a logic you hold to, you can either remain consistent and disregard their ruling (which opens up another can of worms for discussion) or admit to being selective and you just don’t like what I’m saying.

“I can’t have a baby right now.”

Sure, it’s scary having a child. I totally understand that. But something we, as a society, need to learn is that what we do bring about consequences. When we have sex, life comes from it. That’s how God designed it so that we could fulfill His command to go forth, subdue the earth and multiply. But the fear of what might happen or the fear of inadequacy does not outweigh the life growing inside. You see, there are people out there who cannot have children and would love to be able to. They have to go through the long, difficult process of applying for an adoption, not knowing that they’ll be able to. There are people who are ready, and willing, to love on a sweet newborn and help them grow in the way that is best.

Now, there is the subject of rape. I would ask to be allowed to cover that in a different post entirely, as that requires more precision.

I understand that people have abortions for various reasons, some I have dealt with in this post. I know people, friends, personally who have had an abortion and it is one of the hardest decisions they have ever made in their life and it haunts them to this day. I’m not trying to downplay any of that pain. What I am trying to say is that bragging about an abortion, which is murder, is shocking. Appalling. Frightening. Disgusting. I’m all for having a conversation about it, discussing it, opening up about it but bragging about it is not the way to let others know they are not alone.

I tweeted out that there is hope, healing, forgiveness and grace in Christ using the hashtag and got called an idiot. Fine, they just didn’t understand who I’m talking to. I’m talking to you. You, who, regret a decision, or two. I’m talking to you, who, can’t sleep at night from the phantom beat of a heart. I’m talking to you, who remember the due date. I’m talking to you who, if you could, would go back and change it all. I’m talking to those who are genuinely hurting, not those who clearly don’t care and have said they’d do it all again. But if that’s you reading this, also, that same grace is extended to you.

5 thoughts on “#ShoutForTheUnborn

  1. KevArt1987 says:

    What a well-written & graceful approach to this all-important topic. Bravo, Logan. God have mercy on those who are suffering & bring justice for the unborn. What times we live in!

  2. oneta hayes says:

    Leviticus 20:1-5 talks about sacrificing ones children to Molek. It indicates that God “sets his face” against those “members of the community” who stand by and witness that happening. I ask, “Isn’t abortion America’s “sacrifice of children”?

    1. Logan says:

      Hey, Oneta! In response to your question you posed, I would say yes, abortion is a type of sacrificing of children. While looking through the messages utilizing the hashtag, I’ve seen people mention, one after another, that because they had an abortion, they could achieve something or they are more comfortable in life because of it. Abortion is something that is done by people as a means to maintain an idol they have erected in their life, whether it be for a career, success, comfortable lifestyle, immaturity, etc. the list goes on. While this is one facet of the argument, it does not cover it entirely.

      In regards to God setting his face against those who do nothing about it, I would say that it’s clear that God’s wrath is against America, but the entire world as well. America is not the only place legalizing abortion. Countries in Asia have laws in place that force families to kill their unborn/newlyborn daughters. Unless they repent, God’s wrath is set against them; a key component of the Gospel.

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